Hand washing is the single most effective defence in the prevention of spreading the germs and viruses that cause preventable illness among children according to the WHO.

But kids don't want to wash their hands - it's boring.

The idea was to turn a chore into a challenge.

You can see the process that Steve Simpson took to take the germs from sketches to finished art. It was important to make them engaging for children so they are more gross than scary.
Many of the key characters were created from microscopic imagery of the relevant pathogens. The characters names were derived from these too so the kids could learn about where they could be found and how they affect the body.
The germ characters were simplified to work as flat artwork to create a variety of different coloured stamps.

Today over 1 million children per year across the The Middle East are learning the importance of hand washing through using the stamps.

Dubai Lynx - Gold - Promo & Activation

ICAD - Bronze - Ambient

The Loerie Awards (SA) - Bronze - Outdoor & Collateral Media 

Cristal Festival (France) - Silver - Global Outdoor Ambient

MENA Cristal Festival (Lebanon) - Bronze - Regional Outdoor Ambient 

Kinsale Sharks - Bronze - International Ambient

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