National Geographic Abu Dhabi is a TV channel that is perceived to only have programming focused on wildlife when in fact they have an eclectic range of shows ranging from engineering and adventure to military history and reality TV. 

They wanted to tell this to media buyers in the in an engaging and memorable way.

The answer was a calendar that invited people to make a new desktop model each month while introducing them to a surprisingly broad schedule.
A selection of the final models
Round 1
The initial rough was a very simple model using brand colours to create silhouettes.

The design was too one dimensional and only looked good from a couple of angles. The fur detailing was also too complex for a die cut.

It was important that all of the elements fit within the limited space and left enough room for the copy. 
Round 2
The second round involved simplifying the outlines to aid die-cutting, adding three layers of depth on the profile and reducing the overall size of the model to accommodate for English & Arabic copy.
The diagram indicates how to construct the final polar bear ridding the need for lengthy instructions thus saving space. 
Finally the design is been placed on a mock cardboard background as we wanted to print on recycled material in line with the brand's ethos.
The final models were punch cut so easily removed. They stood steadily and the calendar was clear and legible.
Gavin Beattie illustrated all of the final vector shapes to be simply assembled without instruction and slot together seamlessly.
A quick construction demo
The packaging was created in ratio to the National Geographic logo and was filled with 12 inserts.
Each month’s model coincided with a show that was airing that month and was designed carefully to function as a working calendar while educating them about the shows content in English and Arabic.
A selection of final models

ICAD - Bronze - Direct Mail

ICAD - Commendation - Applied Print Graphics

Dubai Lynx - Bronze - Direct

Dubai Lynx - Shortlist - Design

Dubai Lynx - Shortlist - Design Promo

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