This is an iconic Dublin landmark which fell into terrible disrepair. Thankfully it was restored and is back in decent working order. The real challenge here was to recreate the animated neon element of the sign. 
The final artwork with glow-in-the-dark neon layer
The sign by day and night. Note the three step neon sequence.
By day the signs colours are visible but when darkness falls it really comes to life with a sequence which shows a man angered by apparent hair loss, highlighted by an arching piece of white neon and emphasized by a furrowed brow. This sequence ends with our man's hair being fully restored with more white neon for emphasis. 
The mix of round and square edges in the text was interesting and a product of the metalwork. The character himself had very sharp and abstract features.
 This was a seven colour screen print including the separate floating layer on perspex to create the offset neon effect.
The neon sequence

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